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Marcey Hamm Welcomes You To Her World of Music.


Marcey here....When you finish with this site, go to the bottom of this page and read my message to you. I think it will help you through this time when we're all having to deal with the Covid-19 virus..... Love you with all my heart. Take care.

Listen To The People Below Share Their Healing Experiences Using Marcey Hamm's Music. 

The Proof Is In The Pudding

Listen To These Short Samples of Marcey Hamm's Music Tracks.
Hmmm... Good Energies My Friend!

In Addition To The Above Video of Marcey Explaining Her Music and Sharing Testimonials,
Here Is a Brief Description of 
Each Composition & More Testimonials.

Any Questions?
Call 1-800-843-3240

Marcey Hamm's New Digital Player 
With All 8 Compositions 

       Marcey Hamm's All In One
                 MP3 PLAYER

1) Unlike CDs, audio cassettes or downloads, this MP3 Player  does not need a separate player. Instead, it comes pre-loaded and ready to use with all of Marcey Hamm's 8 music compositions--making them simple for you to use and ready for you 24/7 at anytime.

2) This MP3 Player is about half the size of a deck of cards. You can take it anywhere you want to
go whether you're jogging, riding a bike, riding in your car, working at your office.... anywhere and at anytime. 


3) Just Press Play. This MP3  is more convenient and easier to enjoy than juggling multiple CDs, cassettes or a separate player. It  automatically bookmarks the last place you left off after powering down.

4)  The MP3 player  comes with ear buds. You can  use another set of headphones. The player is designed with a universal headphone jack to work with almost any type of headphones, speakers or car adaptors.

5)  This MP3 player  is the best way to listen, unplugged and uninterrupted.Just plug-in your headphones and listen wherever you go.


6)  The MP3 comes with a standard Energizer AAA battery, which provides an average of 20 hours of playtime. Rechargeable batteries are also compatible; playtime will depend on the brand.

7)  You can always tell how much battery life is left. A small battery icon is displayed on the LCD screen. There are four levels of battery life, each represented with a bar. The lowest level, one bar, indicates that 20% of battery life remains.

8)  If you want a quick way to get to the beginning, while PAUSED, press SPD + << together, then quickly press PLAY/PAUSE. The LCD screen will display the word “RESET”. The unit will turn off and start at the beginning when turned on again.

Durable: No screen to scratch.

10) Busy parents, professionals, commuters: No downloads or internet needed.

Marcey Hamm's MP3 Player

Our over-the-ear headphones
come with a universal headphone
jack to plug directly into MP3 Player.

Please note:
This MP3 Player comes with a
standard set of earbuds; this
headset is a great  accessory
option for those who prefer an
alternative listening experience.
Cost:  $14.50
Audio Cable for Car Stereo

This 3-foot audio cable will connect
the MP3 Player to your car stereo auxiliary audio input jack (many cars now come equipped with one) or
a home entertainment system-
anything that uses a 1/8" (3.5mm)
headphone or auxiliary audio input.


On a Computer:
Use a stereo or powered speaker system for computer sound by
connecting to a sound system's Audio Input jack.

Cost:  $9.50
Cost:  $23.99
  Car Adapter - Cassette Adapter 

The cassette adapter is an easy way
to listen to  your MP3 Player  
through speakers.

Simply plug the adapter into the headphone jack and insert the cassette tape into a cassette player.

Here Is Your Special Discount Price

Each Music CD Retails at $16.95. All 8 Compositions are programmed in the Digital Player. The MUSIC VALUE ALONE IS $135.60. This does not include the Value of the Digital Player and Ear Plugs which is an added $60.00 value.  
                                              That is a Total of $195.60.

Your Special Discount !!!

Marcey Hamm's Special Digital MP3 Player
That's Programmed With All 8 Compositions
Plus You Get Ear Plugs!

SAVINGS of $60.65


If you need assistance to order online, have any questions or want to share your experiences with Marcey,
please give us a call:

Hours M-F:  8:00 AM to 5:00 PM  CDT

Hi there, Marcey here. I get calls from all over the world about my music. People asking me all kinds of questions like: is my music  meditation music, relaxation music, new age music, yoga music, healing music, soothing music for babies, music for pregnant woman and on an on. Or further ask me, what is this music and why does it have so many testimonials?

I say it's all the above plus some.... How do you measure Infinity? How do you measure Love? How do you measure Life? How do you measure Soul? How do you measure Consciousness? 

Hmmmmm.... all good questions.

The bottom line is, are YOU HAPPY? If not WHY?  This music can take you on a Journey that can Change your Life and move you toward Happiness.... if you allow it to be in your Life!


People share with me what is going on in their life and ask me what music can help their situation. I always say, listen to your heart and play the music which  ever one it is that nurtures you in that moment. That is the best way I have learned to use this music.

After my Maitreya composition,  I hated that music. I couldn't even listen to it for 1 sec. I knew from my experiences with the other compositions, that I needed to back off and play the music once a month until my body's energies were in alignment with the music.

It took 13 months folks! I hated that composition with a passion. I still couldn't even play it for 1 sec for 12 mos. Then on the 13th month, I put that CD in the player and as soon as that music hit the air waves, I cried my eyes out. I blew through 2 boxes of kleenex from crying so hard. I fell in love with that music in that moment and released all that energy. AMAZING!


Just so you know: I don't remember how I compose my music. Each composition is a whole new experience. I'm not a musician. Yes, I had classical piano lessons when I was a young child, but only for a few years and I never pursued a musical career. How I know what the music is for is by my experience during the composition of it.

I will say, experiencing my music all these years since 1986 when Inward Harmony was first born, I have seen miracle after miracle not only with my own life, but also with people sharing their stories with me all these years. There have been many days I would just fall to my knees and cry for hours after getting off the phone with someone who called me and would share their story with me and/or ask me questions. These stories are beyond amazing.... they are life changing and life saving big time!

I've died three times in this life. I'm a female Indiana Jones.... hot air ballooning, climbing mountains, chasing wild buffalo, experiencing UFO's and on and on....  My life has not been dull to say the least.  I can tell you, being alive in this physical world is so precious.  And, having this music here to help us is a Blessing for all of us. Love is the strongest energy of all. And this music has a tremendous amount of Love.

I have not been public since 2003. My silver fillings had been leaking mercury into my body which I didn't know until one morning. I woke up and my body from the waist down was on fire with pain that would put a tornado F5 to shame.  My doctor told me I should be dead. I would have been dead had I not been playing my music in my home 24/7. This music kept me alive and still keeps me alive today.

I went from bedridden to a wheelchair, to crutches, to a walker, then a cane. Now I am working on my limp and balance without any support system. I'm walking on my own. Once in awhile I'll use someone's shoulder to go up stairs. The point is, I'm still alive and this music has saved my life.

This music changes lives and all you have to do is play this music. The best way to use it in my thinking is:  Play it at a level in your home 24/7 that allows you to go on about your business. You can even play my other compositions in other rooms.

Sometimes I will have all 8 of my compositions each playing in a different room in my home. It's really a great experience. I love it.  It's like a musical kaleidoscope but with sound. It will help you, your family, your animals... all of Life knows this music.


Always go with the flow on how you feel with the music and let that be your guide choosing which music to play. 

One time I had some unruly neighbors that moved in across the street. They were loud and abnoxious! We all around the area complained about them but they knew exactly what to do before the police would come to their home to look like angels. I finally had it.


I went to a room in my home closest to their home. I opened the window about an inch, put the CD player right at the window and started playing Anthem To Soul at a low volume. I had that music playing 24/7 non-stop. They moved within 2 to 3 mos.

Lesson here is.... use the music and let it help you.

I'm now writing my book about my life story. It may be in volumes like Volume 1, Volume 2, etc, because there is so much to cover. It will be released on Amazon. My goal is to release it by Christmas this year (2021). I'll let you know. 

Also, due to my parents passing away from their old age and then my mercury poisoning, I have been quiet all this time and pulled back from being public with my music; like TV shows or radio interviews etc... I do answer my 800 number. After my book is published, I plan on coming back out into the public.... look forward to being with all my fans again. My musical family for sure!!!!

Call me if you have any questions. I've got to go now and tend to my dog Lucy Lew Buckaroo. Below is a picture of her. She was a rescued animal and I took her into my home. What a wonderful Soul she is. 

Take care and play this music even more now with Covid-19 virus going on. Love you with all my heart and wish you all the Happiness in your Life.

Love always,

Marcey Hamm



Hi, I'm Lucy. This music saved my life. I was thrown away like trash. No one wanted me. My Mom saw me and took me home. Here I am Happy and Healthy. Play the music for your animals... especially Inward Harmony. It will give them peace.  

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