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This is Marcey Hamm. Thank you for your order.  Your order is being process and you should receive it within 2 weeks. Sometimes we get overwhelmed when I'm on a radio show, public speaking and/or on TV. Then it can take up to 3 weeks. In the mean time, you
will have my Music Guide Book that is a good read to help you understand the music and
how to use it in your life.  If you ever have any questions, the contact information is below.

You are in for a real treat my friend and I am with you all the way on your Journey. I've been playing my music 24/7 around me since 1986 when Inward Harmony, my first composition, was first born in March. The stories to tell are endless. Just one of those stories is tornadoes. Living in Dallas, TX and being born and raised in Oklahoma, I know tornadoes very well. I can smell them in the air before they form.
So many times in tornado/hail and major storms, i have seen the storms come to the outer edge of this area, where i live, then all of sudden the tornado or the storm will turn to go into another direction. One time I was on a 2 lane bridge over alligator water down in Georgia. It was 5 o'clock traffic and bumper to bumper. As the traffic came to a halt, 3 tornadoes dropped down from the clouds right on the bridge in front of us about 10 cars ahead. I immediately hit the play button on the CD player. As soon as my music hit the air waves, all 3 tornadoes went back up to the clouds. You talk about an adrenaline rush. I pulled that CD out of the player and kissed that little buger.... I was so thankful. 

You never know what may happen and that's why I take this music wtih me everywhere I go. Now that the music is all in this MP3 player, it is so easy to take the music with you. This is so fortunate. 

One time I was sitting in a parking lot waiting for a family member to finish their business in a store. This guy was up to no good in the parking lot and he saw me sitting in the car. He came up to my window and was yelling at me. i immediately turned on my stereo and my music started playing. The look on this guy's face was if he saw a GHOST...  he ran so fast away from the car. I always say, love and hate cannot take up the same space. This music is full of love.

So many stories and now you are going to have your own. You may want to keep a Journal. I always tell my fans, if you keep a Journal of your musical experiences, that will be worth a lot of money one day. 
If you ever have any questions or just want to share your experiences, contact me. I love my fans and they love me because we all share a huge common bond.... we love love, we love life, we love happiness, we want the most from life that we can possibly achieve and most of all, we believe in a higher consciousness; whether you may call this God, Sugmad, Krishna, Elohim, Jehovah, Brahma, Allah and so on.   
Enjoy your Musical Journeys. They are Special as you are.  


Love always,
Marcey Hamm
Your Friendly Composer


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